West Point grad on May 31, wedding in Russia, two months in Beijing, one month internship at the China desk at the Defense intelligence Agency in DC and then

straight to England to begin school.
I just wanted to send a quick email checking up. The semester is coming to an end very quickly--only 57 days left until graduation.

I also wanted to fill you in on my summer plans so I could try to coordinate when would be a good time to visit the club again.

I graduate on 31 May, but am leaving for a wedding in Russia just a few days later. After Russia, I head to Beijing for two months to study Chinese at Qinghua University, followed by a one-month internship for the China desk at the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC--after which I'll be flying straight to England to begin school.

However, I will be home in Wheaton 9-11 June. If I remember orrectly, your weekly meetings are on Tuesday--would it be possible to come during that time?

Thanks very much for all your help in this process. I'm looking ahead to what promises to be the best fifteen months of my life and I could not have done it without your help--especially when I was in Rwanda.

Hope all is well.