Today, our guest speaker was Teri Wood, Executive Director-The GardenWorks Project (TGW).
The mission of TGW is to promote organic suburban agriculture (home gardens and community gardens) to improve the well-being of our community, the environment, and those facing food insecurity. To fulfill the mission, TGW empowers, educates and supports food growers in their efforts to nourish their families and neighbors in need. 
  • Empower: With the goal of increasing the local food systems in the region to improve food security, TGW collaborates with food pantries, social service agencies, and community organizations to grow fresh produce for households facing hunger.
  • Educate: TGW encourages the use of organic growing methods through education, resources, and training. Educational events are taught throughout the year, and TGW's Resource Center located at 2100 Manchester Road in Wheaton houses many of these trainings and Food Growers Network meetings.
  • Support: TGW believes that local growers can make a significant impact on the quality of food provided at emergency food assistance locations with a collaborative effort. TGW encourages the donation of excess harvests to local food pantries, and the use of community gardens to nourish neighbors in need. 
Impact: In 2023 -  300 individuals were served as a result of 140 garden beds being planted at 20 locations. 
To learn more, support, volunteer, and/or donate, visit the TGW website: https://gardenworksproject.org/