Posted on Dec 11, 2019
Today, our guest speaker was Jon Becker, author of  The Flunked-Out Professor: Six Steps to Turn Your Big Failure Into Bigger Success.
Jon's funny and insightful presentation  of  his life journey: He  was kicked out of college. He spent his days playing video games and his nights delivering pizzas, with no motivation to develop a sustainable plan for the future. Recognizing this, Jon's girlfriend decides that she doesn't want to be stuck with a video game-addicted pizza delivery man for the rest of her life. So, she tells him to get his act together, or she will have to end their relationship. Jon feels like a total failure. 
Jon shared with us the six steps that led him from the depths of academic failure to the heights of academic success. He chose a new path--one that ultimately lead him back to the same college that kicked him a faculty member!