The Smith Family lives in their home that is in need of extensive repairs. Our Rotary team joined other community volunteers painting, repairing soffits - fascia -windows & a ramp; and removing yard overgrowth and tree saplings.
The family faces many challenges including financial struggles, raising a child with a developmental disability and early onset disability as Paul has endured amputation of his leg below the knee and several back surgeries. Paul, his wife Beverly and their sons have been overwhelmed physically, financially and emotionally through their journey and this has resulted in a growing list of safety hazards in and around their home. Rebuilding Aurora Together Together will tackle many of the outdoor repairs and then will continue working with the Smith Family to not only complete interior modifications and repairs, but also help each member of the family connect with tailored resources to help them live happier, healthier lives.
Dear Wheaton am club
I wanted to take a moment to thank the club for supporting Rebuilding Together this weekend. We had a blast: a little blood, lots of sweat but I don't think any tears. Paul, one of the homeowners, said many times to me how humbled he was by everyone who wanted to help his family.  Heather, the Executive Director, was amazed at how the team cleared the whole back yard. She did not expect us to finish the job and have it ready for next steps in landscaping.  The painting crews received high praise as well. It was truly a blessing to serve along side of our members and make new friends from Good Shepherd and Compass church. 
Thanks so much for all you do to help our community members in need.
Julee Lockard