Rotarian John Harrell loved the movie "Bucket List" and has been living a wild and crazy life ever since.  With some help from Rotarians, John had a chance to put another check mark on his list! John had his day at the Speedway driving an official NASCAR with a 600 horsepower engine.


Jacquie and John shared with us their experience from beginning to end complete with a video. We were relieved to see that his wife Jacquie finally moved out from in front of the car before it took off to a top speed of 180 miles per hour.  Some of us were getting car sick just watching the video.  John has also gone Sky diving. It is great to see that John is still living life to the fullest!  We asked John about the experience, he replied, " it was a thrill of a lifetime and he would do it again. Driving the race car is something that I will never forget."