Today, our speaker was Sarah Starke, founder of DoodleBugug

It all started when…

Sarah Starke wanted something more for her son Alex, a young adult who was born with an intellectual disability.  He was out of high school, had friends and activities, but she wanted something more meaningful for Alex and others like him who had untapped potential. 

Sarah knew Alex was capable – as were others – of learning skills that would be valuable to an employer and give him a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. Starting With Alex and some of his friends, a few sets of power tools and an idea to create wooden products, Sarah tapped into the community for support and volunteer help. 

Within two years a board was created, and non-profit status was achieved. Today, the program includes an assembly line of tasks that can be performed by young people of varying degrees of  skill level.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities and products available for purchase, visit the website: or visit the Center at 314 S. Main St., Wheaton.