Contact: Katie Sivak
Central DuPage AM
Ronald McDonald House
0N150 Winfield Rd
Winfield, IL  60190
United States of America


Your group, Wheaton AM Rotary is confirmed to prepare Dinner at Ronald McDonald House near Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital on Monday, May 27, 2019.


If at any time your schedule has changed and you can no longer provide this volunteer service please let us know immediately!  That way we can allow another group an opportunity to provide support and will be sure to have a meal for the families.


One Month prior to your date, I will send a reminder email with some additional information and a request for your menu.  Attached is a flier with some menu ideas but not at all a limit to the creativity your group could do.  Tacos, pasta and seasonal meals are often popular and therefore we do restrict those types of meals allowing a max of once per week at most, allowing families to enjoy a variety of meals.  If a group submits a menu that is already being prepared that week, we will ask them to consider a different menu.  Thank you for understanding.


If you are already prepared to submit your menu, you can complete and submit the form here.  Please submit your menu as soon as you are ready.  Menus are due no later than one week prior to your meal!



- Serving times: Brunch 11am (arrive no earlier than 9am; the House does not open to the public until 9am); Lunch 12pm (arrive any time after 10am); Dinner 6pm (arrive any time after 4pm);

- You are welcome to come 2 hours before serving time to begin prepping and cooking your meal.  If your menu requires more time than 2 hours, please let me know as soon as possible. All food items must be prepared in our kitchens or brought directly from a commercial kitchen (prepared at a grocery store or restaurant).  We are not able to serve par-baked or pre-prepared food!  The food that you bring into the House should be unopened and unaltered from when you purchased it.

- We often have a lot of salad dressing, eggs, bread, condiments, most basic spices, cooking oil, and syrup in the House for your group to use.  It is always a good idea to call the House prior to grocery shopping or at least do not open any items until you confirm the House does not already have it open for use.  You can call (630) 517-8678 and speak to any staff member on duty.

- Water bottles, juice boxes, milk, etc. are always welcome with the meal; we do have a Coke vending machine in the House, so you are welcome to bring quarters for families if you’d like.

Group size maximum - 10 participants.  Groups larger than 10 can create an overwhelming and loud atmosphere for families who are already dealing with enormous stress.  Therefore all groups cannot exceed 10 (including child helpers).

- You are welcome to take all raw unused ingredients with you after your complete your service.

- NO ALCOHOL is allowed at Ronald McDonald House.

- Directions and parking information can be found attached to this email.  Be sure to share with the group.  We have a limit of two cars that can park in the parking lot attached to the House.  ALL other group cars must park in the lot south of our House (it is the CDH Staff parking lot).  **BE SURE TO PASS THIS TO ALL GROUP MEMBERS** (map attached).