Today, our guest speaker was Susan Varcak, Cosley Foundation Board Member. 
Starting with a timeline review of the Zoo's history, and the recent acquisition of two Lynx, much of the presentation and discussion dealt with the work of the Foundation and the plans for developing the Zoo
While the Zoo is owned and operated by the Wheaton Park District, the Cosley Foundation raises funds for the capital development of the Zoo. The foundation has sponsored the building of the Vern Kiebler Learning Center (barn), the  duck pond, amphitheater, clinic, and exhibits for the lynx, red fox, coyote, raccoons, rabbits, white-tailed deer, birds of prey, pigs, and chickens. Fund raising events include the Run for the Animals, the Cosley Classic Golf Outing, and Christmas tree sale.
Looking to the future, the Zoo is physically confined on the west side of Gary Avenue, and by replacing the 80 car parking lot on the south end of the property with a 250 car lot on the east side of Gary Avenue, the Zoo can better accommodate visitors and expand the exhibit area. This project involves not only the building of the new lot, but very costly alteration of Gary Avenue including construction of a pedestrian tunnel requiring city, state, and federal funding.